The Five Ws.

May 26, 2011
The who, what, when, where, why and how

The "who" are the amazing people just on the other side of the "kitchen" door. A single person or group of unseen collaborating artists assembling their edible masterpieces for our consumption. 
The "what" is the kitchen, Im going to let the word "kitchen" define itself over the next 30 days. Its the only direction I have right now.
The "when" is the duration of the month of June.
The "where" is the geographical location here in the UAE. Put away your GPS and travel along with me on Google maps, I've enabled the location feature under each posting so you will know exactly where each kitchen is located. 
The "why" we all eat, food connects us all, its easy to forget about the creative producer(s) just a few feet away on the other side of the "kitchen" door.   
The "How" I'm going to try to schedule a few, but I want to stumble upon most, beg, plead and charm my way into thirty "kitchens" over the next 30 days. ©