Week 2 - No Menus

June 9th 2011 Abu Dhabi
Al Sayyad Marine Restaurant & Grills

No menus, just the catch of the day tossed on the grill.Pouring charcoals on the grill.Wash & Prep

June 10th 2011 Abu Dhabi
Mina Modern Kitchen & Restaurant
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June 11th 2011
Come Back Tomorrow
Almost two weeks into the project and I'm learning the Arab ways of conducting business is at a slower pace than what I am accustomed to. Before anyone sees my work or discusses the project they want to sit down, have coffee and get to know who I am and what I do. By the time we are done with coffee, I have made a new friend. "Come back tomorrow, bring your camera"

June 13th 2011 Abu Dhabi
 Bread is baked in a charcoal fired brick oven and served seconds after coming out of the kiln.
Chef Gaurav - Fantastic Chef (and newfound friend)
June 13th 2011 Abu Dhabi
Banqueting Operations Kitchen At Rotana Beach Hotel Abu Dhabi
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June 15th 2011 Abu Dhabi
To the very kind Emirati woman who paid for my parking (when my pockets turned out dirham-less), thank you. 
Black Sea Bakery
No one spoke english here, but everyone was fluent in "camera" and "kindness".
This bakery has an above ground brick oven.
Baker and his tools at the oven's opening. 
Flour being delivered. 


  1. I think these photos from Black Sea Bakery are my favorites so far