Week 1 - The Morning Before

May 31st 2011 Abu Dhabi
Its Tuesday morning, one day before the project officially begins and I have ZER0 kitchens scheduled. But that's what makes this project an adventure, not really knowing the 5 Ws. My Aunt asked me about the language barrier and how am I able to communicate my mission without an interpreter (I don't speak Arabic), its a concerning obstacle but I'm hoping everyone speaks "camera". The participants of the first two preliminary kitchens, Lebanese Flower & Abu Dhabi Fish Market spoke very little english but they were very fluent in "camera" and "kindness".

This is going to be a fun and challenging adventure.
Politely Declined
June 1st 2011 Abu Dhabi

Day 1 of the project began a bit late, I had to pick up my business license.
So by the time I started approaching "kitchens" it was nearing lunch time, everyone politely declined.
I decided to head home to escape this murderous heat and wait for the sun to surrender.
Several weeks ago someone told me about Abu Dhabi's Produce Market but it was illegal to take pictures there. I decided to venture there anyways and check it out. After arriving, I was greeted with a warm "hello" from every vendor and almost overwhelmed with the beautiful vividness. Here are some images of my newfound friends and their colorful produce.
After the sun settles a bit I will venture out again... later... tonight.

Syria Flower Butchery
June 2nd 2011 Abu Dhabi
My children and I have walked by this place almost every day for the last two months and without fail these two butchers enthusiastically wave to us each time. My boys (ages 2 & 5) return the waves and smiles. Tonight, alone with my camera, I stopped and asked if I may photograph them. They eagerly agreed.

Al Dar Sweets
June 3rd 2011 Abu Dhabi
Super yummy treats served with genuine smiles. Love this place!

City Gate Restaurant
June 5th 2011 Abu Dhabi
After spending about ten minutes trying to communicate with the non-English speaking manager who was telling me, "no photo, no photo", a very kind gentleman by the name of Ahmed intervened to my non-Arabic speaking relief. I explained my photography project to Ahmed and he translated my goal to the manager. He agreed and escorted me into the kitchen through a back door entrance.    
Order window
Order window.
All drinks are fresh squeezed juices. No soda machines. 

The Word Of The Day Is "Gourmet"
June 6th 2011 Abu Dhabi
If I had to describe the kitchen inside the 5 Star hotel Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi in one word... well I couldn't. Its too fantastic. You must go there and experience this hotel for yourself and witness the talented artisans at work. The kitchen is immaculate and performs like the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, never missing a beat. Never. 
Executive Chef Patrick Valentin Bischoff (right) and myself (left). Im bringing sexy back with my new chapeau. 
Click HERE to view location on a map.

June 7th 2011 Abu Dhabi
This morning I was awaked by the sound of pouring water in my kitchen. I wasn't expecting my kitchen to be a part of the series, especially in this fashion. Ironic huh?
If you look closely at the corner of the air vent you can see the water pouring out.
The reflective sheen you see is not from a proper buffing, its standing water.
Busted pipe being repaired.

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